Millage Impact

The millage is seeing a steady increase in the number of county residents using its benefits.

An audit of how millage funds are spent is required annually by the Genesee County Board of Commissioners. Transparency is very important. To read the most recent Genesee County Arts Education and Cultural Enrichment Millage Audit, click the button below.


The local impact of the Genesee County Arts Education and Cultural Enrichment Millage, even in the pandemic years of 2020-2021, was substantial. More than 132,475 Genesee County residents took part in activities with free or discounted admission or fees. Here are numbers from some of the grantees:

  • Flint Institute of Arts 84,370 free admissions
  • Flint Institute of Music 28,779 free admissions or class registration fees; 11,975 discounted admissions
  • Sloan Museum of Discovery & Longway Planetarium 9,023 free admissions; 20,614 discounted admissions
  • The Whiting & Capitol Theatre 6,107 free admissions; 413 discounted admissions
  • Berston Field House 2,003 participants in events like boxing, fine arts programs, dance and music classes, and summer day camps or other qualifying classes
  • The New McCree Theatre 4,991 attendees with discounted or free admission