What is the Millage?

Genesee Arts Education and Cultural Enrichment millage was passed in 2018 as a 10-year renewable millage to fund arts and cultural enrichment for all of Genesee County and its residents.

It was started by Friends of Genesee County, a group of community leaders who wanted a fair and equitable solution to enhancing arts and culture in the region.

Arts and culture can make a big difference in everyone’s quality of life. They foster beauty, creativity, originality and vitality. The arts inspire us, sooth us, provoke us, involve us and connect us. They also create jobs and contribute to the economy. Research shows that seeing a play or listening to music, for example, can enhance our mood and help us feel connected to others. When we visit an art fair or go to a special dance performance by members of a different race or creed, we are experiencing and showing support for our community. This gives us a sense of belonging.

Exactly how is it funded?

Voters approved a 0.96 mil property tax millage to run from 2018-2027, with the opportunity for renewal. This means that for every $1,000 in property value, 96 cents is collected.

We welcome you to review the most current millage audit for more financial details.

The millage was created to represent and serve Genesee County people and their communities, and create opportunities for every resident to participate in and appreciate all forms of arts culture.

Who receives the funds?

Here is the breakdown: